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I work with highly ambitious, focused entrepreneurial women who are ready to shift to next level success through strategic team building and personal development. My specialities are documented workflows - AKA standard operating procedures- and soulful team building. The results of working with me include:

  • Increased income
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Massive confidence, and
  • Meticulous support and accountability

SIDE NOTE: I don't coddle. There's greatness within you and I WILL NOT allow you to hold yourself back.

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"She has helped alleviate so much stress...she's brought back my love for what I do! If you can work with this woman in ANY capacity, I highly recommend her!"

Je Tuan Jones, Spiritual Advisor | Mentor

Sarah Winterbine

"Loreal is real, passionate and knows how to get you to where you need to be. She spoke with authority and mastery over what she knows, was laid back and I felt comfortable sharing details with her. I now feel like I have my control back and can master my life."

Contessa Louise

"Loreal has been a invaluable for me with the Be Whole Be Free Summit. I wouldn’t personally be ready to launch the summit until late summer or fall. Then the universe sent me Loreal Moss! She is amazing!"

Michelle Hope Alvarez

"Loreal is THE business support I have always needed, wanted and desired. She has never shot any of my ideas down, has always listened, and helped me reconnect to my purpose every time I have started to go off course."

Julie Palmer

"Loreal is a Godsend! She is my fairy business mother. She explains in detail what I need to do to go from 1 - 100 in my business and because of this I was left knowing exactly what to do and feel confident to do it. She showed me that she truly cares about me and my business."

Nicole Jones

"I felt lighter 10 minutes into our conversation. I found a pot of gold. I left our session with a lot of "Golden Nuggets" that encouraged me to change my perspective. I'm now feeling inspired and activated."

Loreal Moss is a clarity catalyst and lifestyle strategist with a passion for helping entrepreneurial moms discover their purpose. She is a facilitator of transformation and prides herself on her non-fluffy, yet compassionate approach to parenting.

As the owner and CEO of Intuitive Biz Solutions, she provides services to help business owners infuse self-care into their work, hire the best team to excel their business growth, and receive support and accountability as they navigate their unique path to greatness.

When she's not working or recording episodes for her podcast, Girl F%(k Them Kids, she can be found dancing inappropriately to popular music, sleeping, or sipping a cocktail.